Finale is Dec 3rd @ Hoosier Theatre!!!

A Poem to Get It Started

Along the river in the Southeast Indiana corner,
lies a place rich in history, legacy and culture.

The county is Switzerland, the people are Hoosiers through.
They are ambitious and hard work defines them too.

You see, our founder Jean Jacques Dufour and family here came.
And staked the value of this place with their homeland's name.

His legacy, though, is not his heritage, possessions or vine.
It was his own dreams for this place and efforts to make it shine.

Many have followed in the steps to continue the county's merit.
Journey to learn the people, places and things ...

... to see what we inherit.

Notables will be revealed, but not in the normal capacity.
Created, a treasure hunt of sorts, to challenge your tenacity.

Let's call it Dufour's Keys, as there's a double value.
Keys represent notables and actual openers ...

... find them, shall you?

A reward is offered. Yes ... the prize will be real.
It's placed in a chest, it sits under lock and seal.

To open the prize and gain your deposit,
you must find the key, one that guarantees your profit.

Dozens of keys, placed within the bounds of the county,
find the one, and a growing pot will be your bounty.

To find a few keys, randomly walk, bike or ride.
They've been placed throughout, from town to countyside.

To find the remaining concealments, decipher clues or questions.
Each week, firsts and together, will lead you in directions.

For some clues, reflections leap as narrative,
For others, society is crucial and engines are imperative.

Take your solves and pound the pavement in search of the keys,
A keen eye is all that is required to find them on your sprees.

But do not dig, do not overturn ... hidden they are not.
Do not sneak, do not snoop ...
... from where you stand you can spot.

Your actions you carry, for you are responsible.
Be respectful of all properties, great times are possible.

Look up, maybe on your back. Look down, maybe on your tips.
The keys are there, they'll soon be in your grips.

Visit our stores, drive our roads, walk the street.
Smile as you step, with the people you greet.

Tell them, "Dufour's Keys I'm looking for,"
You might be met with a notable story to adore.

Save your finds and come together in the fall of Twenty-Two.
All keys will try, but only with the right key,

the treasure you are due.