Finale is Dec 3rd @ Hoosier Theatre!!!

Frequently Asked Questions

page updated 03/22/22

The Why

Let's start with the biggest question ... Why?

Switzerland County is special and deserves to be recognized for its notable people, places and things. This is my effort, through GoVevay, to promote locally and regionally and to bring value to Switzerland County businesses.

Are you a part of the Switzerland County Tourism or the Historical Society?

Although we hope to partner somehow with both organizations, Dufour's Keys is not associated with either organization.

The Clues

Each week, hopefully on Fridays, we will publish a new clue.


Clues are related to people, places or things that are associated with Switzerland County at some point. If you can decipher who, what, or where of the clue, it will give you are starting point where to start your hunt. Yes, they are difficult.

Does each clue refer to a different key?

Yes. For example, Clue#1 will help you find Key#1. Clue#2 will help you find Key#2.

If keys are not being found, we may issue more clues such as Clue#1a, #2a, etc., that can be used as helpers to find Key#1, Key#2, etc.

Can you give any hints to the locations of the keys?

Clues will be given weekly. Those clues really are sufficient to find Dufour's Keys.

But I can offer where NOT to look:

  • Vevay Cemetery
  • Inside any residence or business (unless otherwise specified)

Do the background images on the clues refer to those clues?


The Keys

Are we looking for actual keys, like the kind that open door locks?

Yes. (Unless specified otherwise)

Why are we finding keys and not a treasure?

Keys can easily be placed in plain site (refer to the Opening Poem), without the need to dig or hide, thereby with as little disruption to property owners and the public.

Are keys old or new? What do they look like?

I've placed keys that are 100 years old, and 10 years old. Each has been meticulously cataloged so we know which are Dufour's Keys.

Are we supposed to take the keys when we find them?

Yes. Take the keys, and protect them, because if you find the "right one" you will win the prize money.

"Does this just go in Vevay or is it for all over the county?" - j.j.

There are placed all over the county, and there will be more keys placed all over the county.

The Prize

What is the prize for finding "The Key"?

The guaranteed prize will be $5000. As we accumulate sponsors throughout the year, we anticipate making announcements of an increased prize.